“Dell’s sponsorship of the Omega China Tour underscores our commitment to the China community,” said Peter Marrs, Marketing Director, Dell, Greater China.

  “Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in China, with the number of golfers almost doubling in two years. This is a tremendous opportunity to showcase our brand to consumers. We are proud to be a partner of the Omega China Tour and title sponsor one of the tournaments.

  “There are scores of hungry, young Chinese professionals poised to break through onto the Asian and international stage. We want to help them in their journey of discovery by supporting the Tour.”

  Marrs said that Dell would add a new dimension to the information flow from the Omega China Tour.

  “With the excitement of golf comes the requirement for information. People want the latest scores and information immediately. Our IT solutions drive some of the major websites in China,” he said.

  “As golf grows in China, the requirement for IT solutions will continue to grow as well. Dell's IT solutions will be a key enabler of the successful growth of golf in China.”

  Luxehills International Country Club in China’s western ‘Gateway’ city of Chengdu has quickly won admirers since its opening in 2007 and the course designed by Mark Hollinger of the JMP Golf Design Group promises to pose a stern examination for the country’s top players.

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