Luxehills International Country Club is an important element of Luxehills International Community, which was developed by Chengdu Wide Horizon Real Estate Development Co., Ltd and designed by Doug Dahlin of Dahlin Group . The project was landscaped by James Nicolay.

  “It’s a real thrill for Luxehills International Country Club to be part of the Omega China Tour so soon after our opening. We are proud of our championship course and we believe that the players will find it a tough but fair test of golf,” said the club’s General Manager C B Fong.

  “China Golf magazine awarded us the title of ‘Best New Golf Course Design’ in 2007 and that underlined the planning, thought and sheer hard work that went into the construction of Luxehills International Country Club.

  “We want to project our image throughout the country and a good way of doing that is by sponsoring a tournament on the Omega China Tour, one of the fastest growing domestic circuits in world golf.

  “Golf in China is going places fast and we want to be along for the ride.”

  China Golf also hailed the club as the ‘Best Environmental Protection Golf Course’ while other accolades have come from Golf Weekly (Chengdu – Top Golf Club City 2007), Platinum (Best Golf Community) and Golf Monthly (My Favourite Golf Course 2007 and Best New Golf Club).

  The China Golf Association has welcomed the sponsorship support of Dell and Luxehills International Country Club.

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