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  新浪体育讯 May 22, 2008: Zhang Lianwei, China’s most famous golfer, announced that he will donate RMB100,000 to help in the relief efforts for the Sichuan earthquake. The Guangdong-based 42-year-old made a statement at a press conference on Thursday morning ahead of his first round in the Sofitel Golf Championship, the fifth event on this year’s Omega China Tour.

  “On behalf of the Chinese golfers, I’d like to say that we feel great sorrow for all the victims of the earthquake and for all those affected. We all want to do something to help rebuild the damaged areas. I personally will donate RMB100,000 to the cause,” said Zhang, who has previously made other donations to the earthquake relief effort.

  Zhang along with Ernst Zimmerman, Vice-President of Sofitel Greater China, and Lee Sanghee, General Manager of Nanjing Zhongshan International Golf Club, led a minute’s silence at the press conference to honour the victims. The regular pre-tournament press conference was postponed from Wednesday to Thursday due to the three days of mourning from Monday to Wednesday.

  Zhang is donating his RMB100,000 to an earthquake relief fund organised by the Multi-ball Games Administrative Centre of the General Administration of Sport, which oversees the China Golf Association, the sanctioning body of the Omega China Tour.

  The money raised by all the national sports bodies within the Multi-ball Games Administrative Centre will be donated to China Charity, one of the three official charity organisations designated by the government for supporting the earthquake relief efforts.

  The earthquake relief fund was set up by the Multi-ball Games Administrative Centre in the aftermath of the earthquake, with players, Tour staff and media all contributing personal donations.

  A statement from the Multi-ball Games Administrative Centre read: “Following the Government’s lead, let us all lend our support and give hope to the earthquake victims. We’ve created the fund so players, coaches, staff and all those working within the sports industry can donate to support those affected by the tragedy. Let’s all do our best to support the efforts around the country.”

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