Chan bids to become first overseas winner on OCT(2) 2008年03月14日23:18  新浪体育

  "After the front nine, I had the outright lead, but I tried to just play steady golf and focus on my game, stroke by stroke."

  Both players look to have a good chance of becoming the Tour's first non-mainland winner. However, they were both aware of the large presence of Zhang in third place.

  "Zhang Lianwei is a good player, but I'll be focusing on my game," Chan said.

  Zhang, a native of Guangdong province, remained quietly confident, despite not yet showing the form that earned him last year's title with a score of nine-under-par.

  "Even though I shot even-par for the first two rounds, I still think I'm in quite a good position," said Zhang, whose victory in Guangzhou last year was his first win in front of his mother.

  Zhang played a paternal role during the second round when he helped out playing partner Chen Xiaoma, the Tour's Most Improved Player last year.

  After Chen struck a wayward tee-shot on the par-five eighth, Zhang was determined that the pair find the ball, climbing up a steep bank into the bushes and eventually finding it.

  "I told him he wasn't going to find his ball on the fairway and said I'd help him find it," Zhang said.

  "Sometimes younger players get nervous after bad shots, and then tee-off again too quickly, so I told him we should use the allotted time to find the ball. I was happy to find it, but was pretty tired after all that climbing."

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